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Write Club was founded by Susanna Davies-Crook, Mabel Evans, Matt Maude and Louis Quinn.

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In 2018, we ran our first Retreat in Wiltshire, UK. In 2019, we launched our monthly Supper Club Sessions in London. When Covid struck in 2020 we pivoted our Write Club Sessions online - running digital programs to bring writers from all over the world together. Over the course of lockdown, more than 150 people joined our bi-weekly remote writing sessions. 

In January 2022, we began a 24 month partnership with Soho House to run the writer's development program for Soho Works.
We're excited to continue this partnership for 2024.

Today, Susanna and Matt run Write Club at Soho alongside their respective careers within the worlds of writing, live events and filmmaking.

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F O U N D E R S :

S U S A N N A  D A V I E S - C R O O K

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Susanna Davies-Crook is curator of Talks & Research at ICA London, previously Head of Growth at Ignota Books. She has worked professionally in the fields of art and media for eighteen years as an editor, writer and curator in which time her experience has spanned small and innovative artist-led work to large-scale brand partnerships and immersive high-budget exhibitions including Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder at 180 Strand where she was Associate Curator with Jefferson Hack. She is the recipient of an Arts Council DYCP 2021 grant to develop her critical research platform Nervous Systems. She completed the Faber & Faber Novel Writing course supported by Arts Council England. 

M A B E L   E V A N S


Mabel Evans is a Filmmaker, Impact Producer and Activist. At 17, she Co-Founded the leading UK anti-FGM/C charity, 'The Vavengers’.

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Vavengers was one of thirteen charities selected and funded by the Home Office to support survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the asylum seeker and refugee community of London.  

Combining her experience as an activist and filmmaker, Mabel is the Head of Impact at Deadbeat Films. Her latest film, '5 Stars’, premiered at the BFI London Film Festival and subsequently toured with TAPE Collective series - 'But Where Are You Really From?’ Mabel's work focuses on human-led, artistic approaches that seek to create space and opportunity around marginalised groups and thought. 

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M A T T   M A U D E

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Matt is a multi-award winning film director, producer and screenwriter. He is the director, producer and cinematographer of the number #1 best selling documentary on iTunes -'General Magic' - winner of eight best documentary awards. 

At the Tribeca Film Festival, Matt was nominated for the Best New Director Award. He was selected as a member of the UK Film Council's - 'Super8' - eight filmmakers to watch. 


L O U I S   I S R A E L - Q U I N N

Louis is a writer, filmmaker, musician and chef from London. Writing has formed a thread that he’s followed on an inward journey into self. Through joy, heartbreak, love and despair, writing has illuminated his emotional landscape. 


Louis wordsmith power is only matched by his prowess in the kitchen. As the resident chef of our Supper Clubs, Louis serves up three courses of incredble vegan-wizardy for our guests.

'May... I Have This Dance', a short film written and co-directed by Louis, was the winner of Best Short at the Discover Film Awards.

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