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Write Club is - above all else - a Club. There's no membership fees. No upfront costs. If you want to be part of our community there's no application to join in on the creativity. Our aim is to be accessible to everyone - irrespective of background or financial means.

We started Write Club because we wanted to create a space where writers could meet other creative people to freely share ideas. We have built our community with the ambition to create support, united endeavour and dispel the myth that you had to go it alone.

We felt that the cost of attending writing retreats was prohibitive to the vast majority of writers we knew, and wanted to think about models like co-operatives and collectives to find generous and contemporary way to be better and happier writers.

Today, Write Club is a community made up of both Club Members and Guest Speakers. Each of our Write Club sessions are led by a talk from a professional writer, first sharing experiences throughout their careers, then setting an exercise that the participants respond to within the session.

Writing at Soho Works
Monthly Guest Speaker Talks

The last hour of any Write Club session is always dedicated to reading the words we've written in the session in the company of the guest speaker - allowing a unique opportunity for hearing words spoken aloud, immediate and exclusively positive and constructive feedback. This leads to collaboration and opportunities both within the group and beyond, which creates material outcomes including agents, publishing contracts and development support.


Over the years, the line between Member and Speaker has dissolved as Guest Speakers join us for future sessions, and as our Members achieve increasing success within their own careers, coming back to Write Club to join as Guest Speakers.

If you'd like to be part of our community or to hear more about the events we offer, please use the contact us page.

Script Collaborations
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