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Write Club is a community of creatives that come together to write, discuss and share work.

Whether writing is your career, expression or lifelong dream, we create

spaces to explore, experiment and expand your writing practice.

Melissa Sinclair

Write Club is anchored in monthly events with high profile guest speakers, retreats, supper clubs and digital meet-ups all designed to establish a routine of writing, inspire confidence and create a community for what can sometimes feel like a solo profession.

No previous writing experience is required to attend any of our sessions. 

To find out more about the sessions we run, please visit the spaces we host:

O U R    S P A C E S

G U E S T   S P E A K E R S

Write Club has hosted over thirty illustrious guest speakers from across fiction and non-fiction publishing, poetry and the Film and TV industry. Our session structure is unique in that the guest introduces themselves, answering questions from participants about their careers before they set a writing task for our members. Participants then write responses for over an hour (or longer) before reading them back in front of the guest speaker - resulting in a unique, experimental and collective sharing session. 

Previous Write Club Guest Speakers include:

Laurie Nunn - Emmy Award Winning Creator and Showrunner of  'Sex Education'

- Polly Bennett - Oscar Winning Movement Director -'Elvis', 'Saltburn', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' 

- Travis Alabanza - Artist, Writer and Performer incl. 'Burgerz' and 'None of the Above'

- Anthony Anaxagorou - Poet, Author and Royal Society of Literature Fellow

Jon Brittain - Olivier Winning Playwright & Writer - 'Rotterdam', 'The Crown'
- Esther Freud - Author
'I Couldn't Love You More', 'Hideous Kinky', 'The Sea House'

- Andrew Davies - BAFTA Award Winning Screenwriter -'House of Cards', 'War & Peace'

- Isis Davis - Actor and Writer - 'Killing Eve' and 'Fast Girls'

- Mike Figgis - Oscar nominated Director and Screenwriter - 'Leaving Las Vegas'
- Daisy Goodwin - Novelist, Producer and Showrunner of ITV's 'Victoria'

- Luke Jennings - Creator and Writer - 'Killing Eve', 'Project Villenille'
Miriam Lucia
- Intimacy Coordinator - 'White Lotus', 'House of the Dragon'

- Selina Lim - Bafta and Emmy Award Winning Writer - 'Sex Education', 'Hanna'

- Vinay Patel - Award Winning Screenwriter - 'Doctor Who', 'Murdered by My Father, One Day'

The Bafta and Emmy Award winning writer, Selina Lim
Writers with Guest Speaker, Isis Davis


We run two Writing Retreats in the UK every year - one in late Spring, the other in early Autumn. All accommodation, meals and yoga sessions are included in the price. 

Run at cost to make them as accessible as possible and designed to create the perfect conditions for writing, our Write Club retreats are our favourite times of the year.



Writing Retreats
Writing in the Wilderness



"If you’re looking for a place to write and join an open and inclusive community Write Club is without a doubt the place to be."

"I was super nervous about attending this session but I'm so glad I did! From the outset the club was welcoming and friendly and I even felt confident enough, in the short time I'd been there, to share my work with the group."


Nasri Atallah
Jamie Tomkins

"Write Club is exactly the kind of event series I have been hoping to see at Soho House x Soho Works. So great to join a community of like minded creatives, to do something so productive and inspiring together. Such a well organised, quality event."


"What made the experience special was feeling an immediate sense of belonging. Everyone listened, everyone breathed. It was focused and structured but also lucid and calm. We were encouraged to search, for as long as we needed, for the right words, before putting pens to paper. Our guest speaker was open and candid, sharing pearls of wisdom - guiding us with generosity and humour. The experience instilled a shot of confidence in me and my writing. It made me feel like I’ve got this. Which is all I could’ve hoped for when I walked through the door".



"It’s been a year since I joined Write Club, and in that time, it’s significantly helped me develop areas of my writing. 

The opportunity to hear from other writers, directors, playwrights, actors and novelists helps remove the self-imposed barriers would-be writers sometimes place on ourselves. The exposure you gain from hearing from a range of people allows you to discover something new about yourself and your storytelling approach, getting you out of your creative comfort zones. You get to write and think in a way you may not be accustomed to.

Write Club is a space that can fuel creativity, offer inspiration, keep you grounded on your journey and hold you accountable to your ambitions to write, create and ultimately share your work with the world."

"Since attending my first Write Club several months ago I’ve made a point not to miss a session.  Writing can so often become a solitary and somber experience so the chance to experiment and explore different techniques and approaches in an open and friendly environment each month has been incredibly valuable. I’ve found the Write Club especially helpful in finding the joy in writing through sharing work and collaborating with others. 


The breadth of the guest speakers’ experiences at the forefront of their fields presents the opportunity to gain an insight into the potential scope and power of language in mediums from Sanskrit-inspired poetry through to major blockbuster films.


The chance to experience and engage with such accomplished experts across such varied paths is a rare privilege and has been especially impactful for me as I’ve routinely found myself working pieces of experimental poetry, prose, and scripts developed during Write Club exercises into my projects.  

Instrumental in expanding my creative horizons and opening my work to new perspectives and ideas; my writing owes a great deal to the Write Club, and I couldn’t recommend attending highly enough to any eager or aspiring writer. The chance to share a passion for the craft of writing with a cohort of welcoming and like-minded people is reason enough to come along and try."


Bola Olashore
Alexander Seb Morris
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