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Was so good to meet you this week!

Thank you for having us and for showing us around the incredible spaces at Warwick and Mortimer House. You've built something truly beautiful. 
We're excited about the potential of working together.

Within this webpage, you'll find how we see the Write Club x Maslow's partnership beginning and developing.

Please let us know though if we can answer any more questions beyond what is included here.

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First of all, we're in love with your aesthetic and design.
We've borrowed some of your incredible illustrations and tweaked them a little to make them a bit more writer-y! We'd love to incorporate the branding you have for both Warwick and Mortimer into any event illustration so that Write Club feels like an extension of the voice and imagery you've developed so marvellously. 

B R A N D I N G :

M A S T E R C L A S S   P R O G R A M :

Since January 2022, we've partnered with Soho House to run the writer's development program for Soho Works. Every month, we invite an award winning or industry recognised guest speaker to lead a four hour session from 6PM to 10PM with up to 25 participants across one of the Soho locations in London. 

Gathered around a table where wine and prosecco is served to participants, we invite a guest speaker to talk about their careers, their origin stories, and what lessons they've learnt along the way.

At the end of the informal Q&A, the guest speaker sets a writing exercise that our participants respond to that evening - having around a hour to write. After a buffet dinner is served, the last hour is dedicated to member's readings of the texts they've created over the course of the event. All happening in the company of the guest speaker.

It's a format that we think would work really well at 1Warick and Mortimer House, especially because of your beautiful bar and dinning facilities and that so many of your socialising spaces can be made private.

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T I M I N G S :

Here are the  timings for the proposed our event:

17:00 - Access to the room to set up music & glassware

17:45 - Participants begin arriving

18:00 - Event begins, 15 minutes mingling

18:15 - Event and participant introductions

18:30 - Guest speaker talk begins

19:20 - Exercise set

19:30 - Writing time

20:25 - Food delivered

20:30 - Dinner service (buffet / tear & share food) 

21:00 - Readings

21:50 - Event ends.

22:00 - Room cleared

F I L M :

At Soho, we created the video below as a means to illustrate the community we built throughout 2022.

At Bingham River House we'd do the same too, creating a video asset every year we partner with you.

We're aware of the marketing value of bringing high profile speakers into the spaces, but the most important commodity we create is strengthening the community within your membership, helping Bingham with member retention, brand loyalty and fostering collaboration between your most valuable assets; the people.

We asked Emma Clarke, Head of Digital Membership at Soho House to provide a reference about the work we do at Soho:

“We have been lucky enough to have Susanna and Matt host Write Club here at Soho Works for the past two years. The events they host here are truly beautiful - they’ve created an authentic community where participants collaborate and communicate with one another all the time - something that is priceless to me as Head of Digital Membership at Soho House.


In addition to membership retention, we’ve recorded the following data from the Write Club partnership:

- Oscar, Bafta, Emmy, Golden Globe and Olivier award winning guest speakers invited every month
- Over 250+ Soho members attending Write Club events over the last 24 months
- Participants retaining Soho membership in order to attend Write Club
- Monthly event sells out within 24 hours
- Write Club event capacity increased in 2023 as a result of popularity throughout 2022”




R E F E R E N C E :

   – Emma Clarke, Head of Digital Membership at Soho House

Money 2.jpg

F E E :

We charge £1250 per session and this includes the guest speaker fee, our facilitator time and all image licenses and usage for the video and photography generated. 

We invoice a month in advance so that we can pay our guest speakers as soon as they request payment.

At the end of the year (or earlier if you require), we'll package together all the film assets, interview 2-3 of your members and create a film that documents our journey at Mortimer and Warwick. The creation of this video is included in our monthly fee


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P H O T O G R A P H Y :

At every Write Club session we host, Matt records parts of it on a 8K video camera. The quality of footage is such that they are able to pull off screenshots to send as high res photos. 

The day after every session, we send out these photos to all the participants who have attended, creating engagement online and building a library of images that can be used across social media and marketing.

Our event fee includes full license and image rights to these photos and the footage will be made available to your in-house videographer to use for whatever purpose they deem beneficial.

Included below are images from our November 2023 Soho session with Oscar winner and movement coach of the films, 'Elvis', Bohemia Rhapsody', 'The Crown' and 'Saltburn', Polly Bennett

Andrew Davies

BAFTA Award Winning Screenwriter
'War and Peace', 'House of Cards', 'Bridget Jones Diary'


Selina Lim

Emmy and Bafta Award Winning Screenwriter
'Sex Education', 'Hanna'


Daisy Goodwin

Author, Screenwriter and Show-runner
'ITV's Victoria', 'My Last Duchess'

 Isis Davis 
Actor and Writer
'Killing Eve', 'Fast Girls'

Jennifer Higgie

Author, Screenwriter and Arts Editor
'The Mirror and the Palette', Former Frieze Magazine Editor 


Leon Mayne
Screenwriter and Producer
'End of the F*cking World, 'Brothers With No Game'

Jon Brittain
Olivier Winning Playwright & Screenwriter
 'Rotterdam', 'The Crown'

Polly Bennett

Movement Director & Choreographer 
'Elvis', 'Saltburn', 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Jessica Clark

Multi Award Winning Actor
'Rotterdam', 'Versailles', 'Marie Antoinette'

Esther Freud
'I Couldn't Love You More', 'Hideous Kinky', 'The Sea House'

Mike Figgis

Oscar Nominated Director and Screenwriter
'Leaving Las Vegas', 'Timecode', 'Internal Affairs'


Luke Jennings

Screenwriter and Show Creator
'Killing Eve'

Travis Alabanza

Author, Writer & Performer
'None of the Above', Burgerz', 'Overflow'

Anthony Anaxagorou 
Poet, Author and Royal Society of Literature Fellow
'Heritage Aesthetics', 'The Blink That Killed The Eye'

Vinay Patel

Screenwriter & Playwright
'Murdered by My Father', 'Doctor Who'

Katherine Angel

'Sex Will Be Good Again', 'Daddy Issues'

Emily Hayward-Whitlock

Screenwriters Agent and Head of Book to Film

at The Artists Partnership

Amelia Abraham

Author and Journalist
'Queer Intentions', 'We Can Do Better Than This'


Next month, we're joined by Laurie Nunn, creator of 'Sex Education',  as our April guests speaker

P R E V I O U S   G U E S T   S P E A K E R S :

O T H E R   W R I T E   C L U B   E V E N T S :

Write Club - January 2023 - White City 25.jpg

We're really excited about the potential of other events that Write Club could run for your members, especially during weekend hours. 

We're incredibly keen to run an Agent's Day in the future where Write Club participants would have the opportunity to meet and talk with Literary Agents, pitching project outlines or simply getting advice. Run over the course of an afternoon, attendees would be able to enjoy all the benefits your beautiful spaces provide. 

Our Commissioning Series would follow a similar structure - inviting commissioners from the BBC, Film 4, Amazon and Netflix to join a panel discussion before the opportunity for Write Club members to pitch ideas, all over drinks and food.

Every year, we run two writing retreats across the UK and Europe. Priority booking and member discounts will be offered to Maslow members. 

In addition, we're keen to find a new home for our Supper Club series where writers are able to come together for a three course meal and to have more time to write into the evening. 


We can provide a chef for this series or work alongside your in-house team with the provision of a set menu.

We're excited to discuss the ideas with you too.


Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 14.23.09.png

T E S T I M O N I A L S   F R O M   P A R T I C P A N T S :

“I sit on the Inclusivity Board at Soho House and the Committee at Soho Works.

I go to a lot of the events here and the Houses, and I don’t feel like I’ve got the sense of community from other workshops I’ve attended. We have a lot of people that come in and create space, which is great, but all of the connections I have in Soho are a result of the people I met at Write Club. 
It feels like family rather than just a community”.

-  Melissa Sinclair

"As a first-time visitor to Write Club, I was delighted to see how well organised it was and how likeminded many of the people I met there were. It was liberating being able to have the time to put some thoughts down on paper, and even more so going through the process of sharing them with the group. Write Club will certainly be a monthly staple for me and I'm already looking forward to the next one."
-  Martin Hislop

"The Write Club team run fantastic sessions which I’d recommend to anyone with an interest in writing. Their guest speakers - often impressively big names! - talk about their careers and use their experience to offer a mix of advice and encouragement that usefully straddles the border between ‘inspiring’ and ‘realistic’. Plus, there are always ingenious exercises to get everyone in the room writing there and then, often in ways they might not have done so before - and it’s a treat to hear the results of these read aloud. I’ve really enjoyed getting involved with their sessions - and I can see that any organisation which has an interest in driving creativity could do well to book Write Club, too."
- Toby Smith

"I am never happier than when I am stringing words together into sentences, but writing is often a very isolating hobby done in solitude. So, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the monthly Write Club events at Soho. It is a fantastic opportunity to share work that has never seen the light of day. I am a Magazine Editor, but I suffer with imposter syndrome. In the Write Club bubble of creative souls, I am encouraged to read my work aloud. It’s such a safe space to share."

- Rebecca Archer

"A lot of us struggle with carving out space to be writers amongst the day jobs and other responsibilities, but we also struggle with accountability to our creative selves. When it feels like there is no out there waiting for your story, it can feel hard to keep going. It’s why groups like this are so important."
- Nasri Atallah

"Write Club is, in my opinion, the best event Soho Works puts on.

The quality of talent that runs through the event is exceptional. "

- Ady Lloyd

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